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Georgia group hunt

January 10, 2015 by

On December 13th, 2014 a group of six great people arrived from Georgia for a 4 day hunt.  Ken and Tammy Adams, who booked the hunt, have been hunting with us for many years, and they brought their son Kyle, his buddy Sean Fitzgerald, and some good friends of theirs, Rick and Denise Payne.  We always look forward to seeing the Adam's because they have become great friends over the years!  When they arrived, the weather was wet and cold, and the deer were really moving.  Everyone in the group was able to harvest at least one nice buck, and some harvested two!  After each hunt everybody took turns showing video of what they saw during their hunt, and some even got their hunts on tape! 

We did a lot of visiting and eating in between the hunting, and I think we all put on a few pounds!  The highliqhts of the hunt was when Ken and Tammy bagged their trophy bucks.  Ken harvested his 11 point buck first and it scored 160 B&C.  Tammy was not going to let her husband out do her, so she managed to kill a 15 point, 175 6/8 B&C!  Both were beautiful, mature bucks.

Looking forward to hunting with this group again next time!


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