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May 21, 2018 by

The Tom Ranch has quite a few different species of exotics available for hunts, from kudu, to sable, to zebras, and gemsbok.  We also have fallow deer, axis deer, and black buck.  Recently we sold one of our kudu, and also received some new female zebras.  South Texas has proven to be a very agreeable terrain for the exotics.  We have watched the different species of exotics in this native environment, and enjoy seeing them grow and reproduce.  The black sable are such a stark contrast in color to the South Texas brush, and easy to spot, while the kudu blend in so seamlessly and when you spot one, it's just amazing to see!  My husband recently received a sable mount back from one that was harvested on the ranch, and it turned out spectacular!  We have hung it in the main house on the ranch and can't wait for our family and friends to see it. 

When our family and guests are driving around on the ranch, everyone is always on the lookout for all the different types of animals.  It's fun to see their faces light up when they see the mask like face of the gemsbok, and the white fallow deer that is quite mysterious!  We truly enjoy the ranch and hunting both whitetails and exotics.  If you are interested in what we have to offer, please call or email us with your questions to and/or call the office at 830-256-4834.

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